Wealth Creation II- Evaluating the Indian Financial Product Basket

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Basic Info :Wealth Creation II- Evaluating the Indian Financial Product Basket
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 12 hours
Language : English
Schedule Date : To Be Announced Soon

What Will I Learn

It is said that ‘the biggest risk is to not take any risk’. We all know that taking a risk with enough conviction in a positive outcome can often be rewarding. When it comes to finance and investments, a certain element of risk is to be expected. This is why any financial scheme you choose to invest in should complement your risk profile. And risk profile or risk appetite or risk tolerance can vary from investor to investor.


T-bills: Risk-free rate of return

  • Post office schemes: Long term Investments
  • Gsecs
  • Bank FD
  • Companies Debt papers
  • Bond Prices and Yields, yield analysis
  • Bond Ratings by Rating Agencies: understanding their criteria
  • Bond portfolio management & Bond Laddering
  • Case Study: Gsec in wholesale Debt market & recent Bond IPO

SEBI and regulation in capital markets

  • Structure of Mutual Funds
  • Types of Mutual Funds
  • Fund managers expertise
  • Risk Return Analysis
  • Linking with moneycontrol.com and check out types of Mutual Funds
  • Case Study: AXIS BLUECHIP FUND a CRISIL 5 star rated Equity Fund to be Analysed through its risk & return
  • Case Study: FRANKLIN TEMPLETON debt fund analysis

Indices SENSEX, NIFTY & Market Capitalisation

  • Global markets
  • Market participants
  • Documentation and Procedure for Demat Account and Trading Account
  • Primary & Secondary market
  • IPO Analysis with Current and latest IPO
  • Trading and settlement system of exchanges
  • Case study: Real-time market data analysis of the current week.
  • Understanding companies fundamentals
  • Understanding Equity Valuation

Derivatives: Introduced for Risk Management

  • Forwards
  • Futures
  • Options
  • F&O Segment of BSE and NSE
  • Trading and settlement procedure in F&O
  • Margins Requirement
  • Options Trading Strategies
  • Reducing Portfolio risk by using Derivatives

Commodities Funds



Venture Capital Funds

Private Equity Funds


Real Estate Funds

Hedge Funds

International/ Emerging market Funds

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