Executive Program in Securities and Business Law

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Basic Info : Executive Program in Securities and Business Law
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 6.5 months (4 hrs. per weekend)
Language : English
Scheduled Date : 20th July 2024


What Will I Learn

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand wide angle overview of corporate laws in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013 including the latest Amendments.
  • Learn much-needed clarifications on securities law, rules, and regulations.
  • Develop critical and analytical abilities in the area of Business Law.

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Financial System in India

Introduction to Security Laws

Classification of Security Laws

Intermediaries & their functioning


    Types of Companies

    Essential Documents- Memorandum & Articles of Association

      Important Definitions 

        Types of Capital

        Issue of Capital

        Initial Public Offerings ( Sebi – ICDR Regulations)

        Preferential Allotments

        QIB Placements


        Offer for Sale (OFS) and Offer to Buy (OTB)

        Understanding Financial Statements

        Ratio Analysis

        Private Equity & Venture Capital Funding

        Structuring of Deals

        Salient Features of Shareholder’s Agreements

        Concept of Valuation

        Cost of Capital

        Risk Adjusted Returns

        Discounted Cash Flow Method of Valuation of Business Entities

        Preamble of SEBI

        Constitution of Board

        Powers of SEBI

        Penalties for violation of SEBI Act

        Regulation of Stock Exchanges

        Rules & By Laws

        Consequences of violations




        Code of Conduct including Trade Clearances

        Salient Features of PMLA

        Mechanism of Money Laundering ( Colouring & layering)

        Obligations of Intermediaries


        Independent Directors

        Appointment/ Resignation/ Removal of Directors

        Powers and liabilities of Directors

        Concept of Corporate Governance

        Salient Features of SEBI (LODR) Regulations

        Market Surveillance System

        Penalties & Prosecutions

        Central Bank – RBI

        Salient features of Banking Regulation Act

        Commercial Banks & NBFCs

        Trade Finance

        Non-Performing Assets

        Salient Features of SARFASIE Act

        IBC – Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process

        IBC – Liquidation process

        Waterfall conditions

        Concept of Business Combinations

        Vertical Integration

        Horizontal Integration

        Leveraged Buyouts

        Deal Structuring- Swap Ratios


        Joint Ventures & SPV

        Legal Compliances- approval from NCLT

        Concept of Takeover Code

        Friendly & Hostile Takeovers

        Threshold limit for trigger of Take Over Code

        Open Offer – Mandatory & Voluntary

        Creeping In Provisions

        Tendering Process

        Competition Commission of India

        Anti-Competitive Agreements- Dominant position


        Business Combinations requiring clearance from Competition of India

        Structure of Mutual Funds

        Key Terms – NAV / Expense Ratios

        Classification of Mutual Funds as per SEBI Regulations

        Analysis of Mutual Funds


        Futures & Options

        Pricing of Futures & Options

        Concept of IPR

        Classification of IPRs

        Trade Marks

        Copy Rights


        Drawings & Designs

        Geographical Indications

        IPR Laws & Protection in India

        Foreign Trade Policy

        Policy for Imports & Exports

        HSC ( ITC)

        EPCG Scheme

        Advance Authorizations

        RBI Regulations on Imports & Exports

        Liberalized Remittance Scheme

        External Commercial Borrowings

        FDI Regulations

        Regulations for FPI investments in India

        Taxation of Dividends

        Taxation Capital Gains

        Taxation for derivative products

        Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements

        Foreign Exchange Risk Management

        Adjudications under SEBI Act


        Investigations by Enforcement Directorate

        Investigations by SFIO

        Prosecution, Arrest and Bail provisions

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