Blockchain for Business Leaders

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 Basic Info : Blockchain for Business Leaders
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 6 days (2hrs per day)
Language : English
Scheduled Date : To Be Announced Soon

What Will I Learn

At the end of this course you will know:

  • Understanding the technology and business application framework.
  • Application of Business in traditional Business contexts. Creating action plan for your business.
  • Blockchain and radical business innovation.
  • Analysing risk, returns and understanding the regulatory environment.
  • The future of blockchain in terms of developments, directions and challenges.


  • How it began and the blockchain landscape: size of the market, geographies and major players.
  • Not one technology but many: key business protocols and how they work.
  • Design principles: security, privacy, preservation of rights.
  • Business application framework: challenges and solutions in integration and implementation.

  • To disrupt or sustain: How is blockchain being applied to drive value for business across sectors, enterprises and business models?
  • When is blockchain the answer? Ideal use cases and criteria: blockchain vs. traditional distributed databases.
  • Action principles for managing blockchain for business value.
  • Creating an action plan for your business: initial thoughts and faculty input.

  • How can blockchain services, platforms and infrastructures innovate distributed business models?
  • Analysis of case studies, including crypto-tokens, crowdfunded ICO startups, smart contracts and eco-system resource exchanges, to inform innovation in your business or work.
  • Guest lecture by Professor Mary Lacity, Walton Professor of Information Systems and Director of Blockchain Centre of Excellence at the University of Arkansas.
  • Action plan session 1: mapping your company’s digital landscape and identifying problems for blockchain to address.

  • The business case for a blockchain application: learn how to identify and manage risks, problems and challenges and how to assess likely business value.
  • Organisational implementation challenges and emerging solutions: build stakeholder buy-in and senior leadership support.
  • Reviewing shared governance models and understanding the regulatory environment.
  • Action plan session 2: Brainstorming opportunities and challenges, designing digital ecosystems and platforms that leverage blockchain.

  • Where is it all going? Expert analysis of emerging core uses and new areas.
  • What are the risks, challenges and solutions?
  • Action plan session 3: Designing a blockchain solution and building a paper-prototype. A collective Dragon’s Den for peer feedback.
  • Summary & evaluation.

How It works

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