Basic Program on Mutual Funds Fact Sheet

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 Basic Info : Course on Mutual Funds Fact Sheet
Level : Beginner
Commitment  : 6 hours of study, 1 Day, 4 sessions of 1.5 hours
Language : English
How To Pass : Attend all sessions and complete all assignments to pass the course

What Will I Learn

At the end of this course you will:

  • Gain knowledge about the organisation and management of mutual funds
  • Get an understanding of the complexities of the mutual fund functions internally and externally
  • Gain insights required to become a well-informed investment advisor
  • Be equipped to pass the AMFI Certification Test


  • Mutual Fund Concept
  • Structure, Role of AMC, Regulators, etc.
  • Types of Mutual Fund – Debt, Equity, Hybrid, Asset Allocation, Gold

  • Understanding Debt Market – Types of Debt Market – Money Market, Corporate Bond Market, Government Securities Market
  • Concept of Credit rating, YTM, Modified Duration, Average Maturity, Expense Ratio etc.
  • How the data is represented in Factsheet
  • Various Types of Debt Fund – Liquid Fund, Short Term Debt Fund, Long Term Debt Fund, Credit Fund, FMP

  • Types of Equity Fund – Large cap, Midcap, Multi cap, Sector, ELSS., Style Box
  • Performance comparison
  • Types of Hybrid Fund – MIP, Balance Fund, Asset Allocation Fund, etc.
  • Style of Management – Active, passive, Bottom Up, Top down, Value , growth etc.

  • Ratio used in Mutual Fund – Sharpe Ratio, Standard Deviation, Treynor Ratio, Beta, Tracking Error, etc.
  • Direct and Regular Plans, Fees in Mutual Fund
  • Taxation of Mutual Fund, Platforms for transaction in Mutual Fund

    How It works

       Live Classroom Sessions
    Each session is interactive and informative, featuring case studies, quizzes and projects

       Interact, Learn and Grow enables you to master the concepts, interact with expert faculty and other learners and be a part of the community whilst growing.

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