Basic Program on IPO Procedures and Processes

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Basic Info : Course on IPO Procedures
Level : Beginner
Commitment  : 12 hours of study, 2 Days, 4 sessions of 3 hours
Language : English
How To Pass : Attend all sessions and complete all assignments to pass the course
Batch Start Date : 18th May 2024


What Will I Learn

At the end of this course you will:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and processes prescribed by various regulatory authorities and related agencies with regard to IPO’s




  • What is IPO?
  • Why companies bring it?
  • Benefits of IPO for companies
  • How it helps in business growth?
  • Other funding options for company other than IPO?


  • Conversion of Private Limited Companies to Public
  • Eligibility
  • Preparation of data room
  • Kick of Meetings with the intermedieries
  • Identification of Promoters, Promoter Group and Group companies
  • Restructuring of Board
  • Restated Financials


  • Important Guidelines / Directions issued by SEBI for IPO's.
  • Cost of Public Issue


  • Requirements & Contents of the Prospectus
  • Abridged Prospectus
  • Vetting Procedure
  • Distribution Procedure
  • Instruction to the Collecting Branches of Bankers to the Issue


  • Book Building Procedure
  • Appointment of Managers/ Advisers/ Underwriters/ Brokers/ Registrars/ Advertising & Publicity Agencies
  • Opening & Closing Dates of Subscription List
  • Mechanism of making payment
  • Forex and Interest Rate markets

  • Application Form Requirement and Contents thereof
  • Basis of Allotment
  • Procedure in case of Over-subscription
  • Procedure in case of Under-subscription
  • Essential requirements for Listing
  • Procedure relating to listing of shares in the stock exchanges and follow up action


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