Wealth Creation III- Portfolio Management Strategies

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Basic Info : Wealth Creation III- Portfolio Management Strategies
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 12 hours
Language : English
Schedule Date : To Be Announced Soon

What Will I Learn

It is said that ‘the biggest risk is to not take any risk’. We all know that taking a risk with enough conviction in a positive outcome can often be rewarding. When it comes to finance and investments, a certain element of risk is to be expected. This is why any financial scheme you choose to invest in should complement your risk profile. And risk profile or risk appetite or risk tolerance can vary from investor to investor.


Compound and discounting techniques

  • Using Microsoft Excel in TVM Calculations
  • NPV, IRR Using Excel
  • Case Study on Retirement Planning using Excel
  • Case Study on Home Loans Planning

Average & CAGR Rate of Return

  • Standard Deviation: volatility
  • Beta : Relationship of shares with market
  • Sharpe & Treynor: to avoid Confusion
  • Jensen’s Alpha: Active management
  • Delta: Change can be measured
  • Case Study: Taking up an Investment Scheme and calculating its performance & its risk & Return analysis

Learning Behavioural Finance with market timings

Financial Planning and Systematic investment Strategies

  • Asset Allocation strategies
  • Portfolio construction
  • Portfolio risk and Return analysis
  • Portfolio Reviewation and Monitoring

Warren Buffet: the Ultimate Businessman

John Templeton: the Bargain hunter

George Soros: the Global speculator

John bogle: Twelve Pillars of investment Wisdom

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