Using Financial Modelling for Analysis and Valuation + Mergers and Acquisitions: Strategies and Execution

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Basic Info : Using Financial Modelling for Analysis and Valuation +  Mergers and Acquisitions: Strategies and Execution
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 16 hours & 20 hours
Language : English
Schedule Date : 27th Jan 2024

What will I learn?

 At the end of this course you will:

Using Financial Modelling for Analysis and Valuation-
    Mergers and Acquisitions: Strategies and Execution           
      • Understand Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement
      • Learn scheduling & techniques
      • Learn to put it all together and determining clusters from where to extract value
      • Learn important concepts required in valuation
      • Understand how to work with balance sheet components


      • Learn to develop a strong acquisitions strategy and finance a deal. Raise your game to deliver improved growth and shareholder value.
      • Judge whether a merger or acquisition fits with your corporate strategy, and what kind of companies you should consider.
      • Learn to determine a company’s worth, both in itself and to your organisation. Make bold, knowledge-based decisions on human, cultural and system issues.
      • Investigate valuations and buyouts, different corporate valuation techniques, highly leveraged transactions and deal capacity.


      Curriculum -  Using Financial Modelling for Analysis and Valuation

      •  Formatting the data, summarizing, and creating a presentable format
      •  Manipulating Text and Numerical Data
      •  Using Pivot Tables to Summarize Data

      • Converting data into tabular format
      • Identify high profit sales using conditional formatting
      • Excel Best Practices

      • Inputs/Assumptions Worksheet
      • Preparing the 3 Financial Statements

      • Preparing Depreciation & Amortization Schedule
      • Preparing Debt Schedule
      • Other Working Notes

      • Understand the Business Model and Operating Model
      • Modeling the Historical Statement
      • Modeling Assumptions for Future Action

      • Modeling Revenue Build-up – projecting the future revenues
      • Modeling Cost Build-up – projecting the future cost
      • Modeling the Asset Schedule
      • Modeling the Depreciation Schedule – Book and Income Tax Depreciation
      • Working Capital and Term Loan Modelling – Debt Infusion
      • Equity Modelling – Equity Infusion

      • WACC and Cost of Equity Analysis
      • Performing Valuation using DCF

      • Performing Sensitivity/Scenario Analysis
      • Comparing the Valuation Summary using Different Parameters

      Curriculum - Mergers and Acquisitions: Strategies and Execution

      • Concept of Business Combinations

      • Types of Business Combinations:
      • Mergers
      • Acquisitions
      • Joint Ventures
      • Special Purpose Vehicles
      • Slump Sale
      • Franchise Arrangements
      • Consortiums
      • Public Private Partnerships

        Motives of Mergers & Acquisitions

        Types of Mergers & Acquisitions:

        •  Horizontal Mergers
        •  Vertical Mergers

         Friendly Acquisitions & Hostile Acquisitions

        Structures of Acquisitions:

        • Cash Buy Out
        • Swaps
        • Hybrid deals

        Funding Considerations:

        • Leveraged Buy Outs

        Valuation Mechanism:

        • Valuation of listed companies
        • Valuation of unlisted companies ( DCF method)

        Due Diligence:

        •  Valuation of listed companies
        •  Valuation of unlisted companies ( DCF method)

        Nuances of Shareholder’s Agreements & Share Purchase Agreements

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