Portfolio Doctor Program

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Basic Info : Portfolio Doctor Program
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 6 hours
Language : English
Schedule Date : To be Announced Soon (Weekends Only)

What Will I Learn?

All investors – from the largest wealth funds to the smallest individual investors – share common issues in investing: how to decide when and where to invest, and how much risk to take on. In this online course, you will learn how to think about, discuss, and formulate solutions to these investment questions, under the guidance of an expert mentor. A Mentor can help achieve our goals and realize our dreams. We need someone who is a master of the game. So as a part of this course, participants need to share their portfolio details with our expert mentor. Who will analyze it and share pointers on how you can improve things. The mentor will check your portfolio and look for weak holdings in your portfolio, as well as any mismatch between your objectives and your strategy.


In this module, we discuss one of the main principles of investing: the risk-return trade-off, the idea that in competitive security markets, higher expected returns come only at a price – the need to bear greater risk. We discuss measures of risk and expected return and review the historical record on risk-return patterns across various asset classes.

In this module, we build on the tools from the previous module and explore the steps to be followed to ensure you have a well-diversified portfolio.

On completion of this session, participants will be required to email their portfolios to our expert. Our expert will review your feedback to send you an analysis with feedback on your portfolio and indication of corrective measures you can take.

Discussion on the kinds of mistakes we can make and how we need to continually review and keep churning your portfolio.

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