Planning for a Financially Secure Retirement

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Basic Info : Planning for a Financially Secure Retirement
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 6 hours
Language : English
Schedule Date : To be Announced Soon (Weekends Only)

What Will I Learn

Retirement planning is an important task of deciding how much money one would require upon retirement. For instance, a person who is earning Rs 30,000 per month currently, is not expected to have the same level of income once he retires, he will need some money to meet his expenses at the time of retirement for survival. The necessities and desires in life do not cease with retirement and there will have to be a form of substitution for his current income which may allow an individual to maintain a similar standard of living. The planning which goes into the substitution of this income constitutes the core of retirement planning. This course is designed as an interactive, hands-on program. An expert financial advisor will assist you in retirement planning and teach you the tips and secrets you can use to ensure you enjoy a financially worry-free retirement.


Help you identify your individual retirement needs

Take you through the steps of retirement planning

Help you prepare your personal retirement plan spreadsheet (in MS Excel)

Review and help you fine tune your personal retirement plan

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