Excel VBA Programming for Finance Professionals

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 Basic Info : Excel VBA Programming for Finance Professionals
Level : Intermediate
Commitment  : 12 Hours
Language : English
Schedule Date : To Be Announced Soon


What Will I Learn

VBA is a great tool to automate repetitive tasks on Excel and is also able to streamline long and complex calculations. This online course on Excel programming includes the application of Excel VBA for 3 financial applications which are generating payment schedules for interest rate swaps, Bootstrapping yield curves & generating risk-neutral scenarios for equity security.


Introducing Visual Basic for applications

  • Recording and running macros
  • Absolute vs relative referencing
  • Working with the Visual Basic Editor and Developer tab

Creating your own code

  • Understanding and creating modules
  • Common rules of programming
  • Where to store macros
  • Modifying / improving simple modules
  • Problem solving / finding concise solutions

Getting VBA to make decisions

  • Using logical comparisons
  • The IF...ENDIF structure
  • The SELECT CASE...END SELECT structure
  • Error handling and trapping

Introduction to repeating code

  • The need for and benefits of loops
  • Implementing a DO WHILE LOOP
  • Examples of the FOR... NEXT structure

Interaction between VBA and the end-user

  • Activating message boxes and user prompts
  • Processing end-user input via input boxes

Creating functions

  • Writing your own User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Working with multiple arguments
  • Using your bespoke function in Excel
  • Generating Payment Schedules for interest rate swaps
  • Bootstrapping Yield Curves
  • Generating Risk-Neutral Scenarios


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