Industry Mentored Project

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 Basic Info : Industry Mentored Project (Corporate Finance, Derivatives and Equity Research)
Level : Advanced
Commitment  : 3 Months
Language : English
Schedule Date : 30th June 2024


What Will I Learn

  • Explore the wide range of topics such as financial markets and fundamental analysis
  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of time value of money and the risk and return in trading
  • Identify opportunities to network with industry professionals, which can be beneficial while pursuing a career as a trader/broker
  • Apply various valuation methods to determine a company's intrinsic value and make investment decisions based on that information
  • Evaluate both quantitative and qualitative factors when analyzing a company's fundamentals
  • Develop a comprehensive investment strategy based on fundamental analysis and utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make informed investment decisions

Main Project Areas



  • 3 months Virtual Internship
  • Live Project focused
  • Personalized Industry mentor
  • Internship Certificate from BSE Institute Limited
  • Wide options for project areas
  • Includes Online Sessions and Project Briefing


  • Add value to your profile
  • Publish a real internship project
  • Use the project experience to land a better job
  • Negotiate a higher start salary
  • Get ahead of your batch
  • Get a faster call in for interviews


AVAILABLE PROJECTS (Select Any 1 Specialization)

    1. Corporate Finance
    • Income Statement Analysis
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Balance Sheet Analysis
    • Introduction to Corporate Valuation
    • Analysing Recent Trends In Corporate Valuations
    • Background to Corporate Valuation
    • Multiples Valuation
    • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
    1. Derivatives
    • Introduction to Derivatives
    • Introduction to Futures Contracts
    • Introduction to Options
    • Introduction to Pay-Off Diagram
    • Derivatives & Trading Strategies using Options
    • Black Scholes Model
    • Option Greeks
    • Dealing with Volatility
    1. Equity Research 
    • Introduction to Equity Research
    • Qualitative Analysis
    • Quantitative Analysis
    • Ratios and Valuation Measure
    • Financial Statement Analysis Future Projections
    • Excel Advance and Inbuilt Functions
    • Dividend Approaches to Valuation
    • Discounted Cash Flow Method
    • Financial Statement Analysis

How It works

   Live Online Sessions
Each session is interactive and informative, featuring case studies, quizzes and projects

   Interact, Learn and Grow enables you to master the concepts, interact with expert faculty and other learners and be a part of the community whilst growing.

   Get Certified
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