Financial Statement Analysis Using Excel

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Basic Info : Course on Financial Statement Analysis using Excel
Level : Advance
Commitment  : 6 Days (2hrs per day)
Language : English
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This 12 hour STP course Financial statement Analysis Using Excel is designed to provide students with a practical understanding of financial statement analysis using Microsoft Excel. Students will learn how to use various Excel functions and tools to analyze financial statements, create financial ratios, and interpret financial data. Financial statement analysis is about the process of analyzing a company's financial statements to gain insights into its financial health, profitability, and potential for growth.

Overall, this course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze financial statements using Excel and make informed business decisions based on the insights gained from financial analysis.

What Will I Learn

You will be able to:

  • understand the basics of financial statement analysis and the importance of financial analysis in making business decisions
  • analyze financial statements using Excel functions such as VLOOKUP, SUMIF, and AVERAGE
  • create financial ratios using Excel formulas and interpret their results
  • use Excel charts and graphs to present financial data effectively
  • evaluate the financial performance and potential of a company using financial statement analysis techniques
  • use financial statement analysis to make informed business decisions and recommendations


  • Navigation, Arrow Keys, SHIFT and CTRL in Excel
  • Inserting and Editing Cells, Rows and Columns
  • Deleting Cells and Commenting, Freezing Rows and Splitting the Screen
  • Demonstrate using Special Paste
  • Sorting, Filtering

  • Introduction to Formatting & Style, Formatting Walkthrough
  • Five Rules for Financial Modelling
  • Cell Dimensions
  • Styling Fundamentals
  • Special Paste
  • Applying Special Paste to the Model
  • Best Practices for Number Formatting
  • Forward Multiples, Negative Numbers & Percentages
  • Navigate to Special, Grouping Data

  • Formulas and Conditionals
  • Best Practices for Formulas and Conditionals
  • Relative and Absolute Values
  • Sum, Max, Min, Average
  • Median, Rank, Percentile, Bonus
  • Concatenation 1 and Concatenation Part 2
  • IF, Asking IF Twice, Formula Error, And, Or
  • Introduction to Lookup Function
  • A B S - (Absolute Value)
  • Cell Colour, Custom Formulas
  • Hidden Values

  • Introduction to Charts
  • Best Practices for Charts
  • Select Data in Column Charts
  • Customize Your Chart
  • Line, Columns
  • Data Labels

  • Concepts of the time value of money
  • Formula in excel for time value of money
  • What is Sensitivity Analysis?
  • What is Cash Flow?
  • Use Excel’s financial commands to convert FVs and PVs
  • Excel Formula of NPV
  • Calculate periodic payments for mortgages and other loans
  • How to use Solver in Excel?
  • What is Goal Seek used for in Excel?

  • Create spreadsheets for financial statements
  • Three key financial statements of corporations
  • Standard formats for organizing items on FS
  • Interpret the items on financial statements
  • Errors made in financial statements
  • Use Excel’s Chart Wizard to create a scatter plot of a set of data values
  • Select non-contiguous cell ranges for plotting
  • Insert different types of trend lines on a scatter plot
  • Use Excel commands

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