Finance For Business Leaders

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Basic Info : Course on Finance for Business Leaders
Level : Advance
Commitment : 7 Days
Language : English
Schedule Date : To Be Announced Soon


What Will I Learn

When you are done with this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop critical insights in strategic finance.
  • Understand and inter-connect the key variables that shape financial risk-taking and decision-making in strategic business decisions such as corporate structure, value creation, ownership and control, business financing and fund raising and prudent financial practices.
  • Understand costing concepts and apply them in making business decisions
  • Gain knowledge on working capital management and budgetary controls


  • Basic elements of balance sheet
  • The operating cycle and liquidity
  • Balance Sheet analysis
  • Limitations of balance sheet analysis

    • Major types of accounting
    • Overview of financial accounting and its process
    • Primary financial statements and their distinguishing features
    • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
    • Due process procedures
    • The Role of auditing

    • Statements of Cash flow
    • Ratios - Profitability, Liquidity and Return on Capital
    • Top Line v/s Bottom Line

    • Different categories of cost and their implication on costing
    • Understand costing concepts and apply them in making business decisions

    • Describe primary and secondary sources of liquidity and factors that influences a company's liquidity position
    • Evaluate working capital effectiveness of a company
    • Describe how different types of cash flows affect a company's net daily cash position
    • Evaluate a company's management of accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable

    • Examine different types of budget
    • Revenue budget
    • Capital budget
    • Perform variance analysis

    • Uncover and appreciate what some of the clear warning signals are in financial statements

    How It works

       Live Online Sessions
    Each session is interactive and informative, featuring case studies, quizzes, and projects

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