Certificate Program on Derivatives

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Basic Info : Course on Derivatives
Level : Advance
Commitment  : 30 hours of study, 5 Days
Language : English
Scheduled Date : To Be Announced Soon

What Will I Learn

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand Derivatives trading
  • Learn to trade futures and options
  • Learn strategies for derivatives trading



  • Introduction to Derivatives – Forward & Futures
  • Market Terminology – Open interest, Market position, Market lot, Tick size etc
  • Introduction to Options – Put & call
  • Pay Off Graph

  • Pay off Graph
  • Option Greeks
  • Derivatives Trading Strategies
  • Derivatives Trading Strategies

  • Pay off Diagram
  • Synthetic Positions
  • Greeks
  • Forecasting

  • Strategy View
  • Strategy: Volatility
  • Strategy using Options
  • Strategy using Futures

  • Live Market Application
  • Live Market Application
  • Money Management

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