Certificate Program on Investment Banking

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Basic Info : Course on Investment Banking
Level : Advanced
Commitment : 15 days (2hrs per day)
Language : English
Scheduled Date : To Be Announced Soon


This 30 hour STP course Certificate Program in Investment Banking aims to provide the participants a comprehensive training program that covers the key concepts and skills necessary to succeed in the field of investment banking. The program typically includes courses in finance, accounting, economics, and business strategy, as well as specialized courses in investment banking. The program typically covers a range of topics related to investment banking, including financial statement analysis, valuation techniques, financial modeling, mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets. Participants will also learn about the various roles and responsibilities of investment bankers, the different types of transactions they work on, and the key players in the industry.

What Will I Learn

You will be able to:

  • identify the role and functions of investment banks including the services they offer, the types of transactions they work on, and the key players in the industry
  • analyze financial statements and perform valuation techniques to determine the value of a company or asset
  • apply creating financial models that can be used to support investment decisions, including models for mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and other types of transactions
  • comprehend capital markets including the different types of securities that are traded, the role of underwriters and other intermediaries, and the factors that affect market performance
  • develop business strategy for investment banking, including strategies for marketing, client acquisition, and risk management


  • How did Investment Banking evolve in India?
  • What is Investment Banking?
  • What do Investment Banks do?
  • What is the difference between Investment banks v/s Commercial Banks?
  • What is the Investment banking hierarchy?

  • Overview of Investment Bankers
  • How Investment Bankers Sell Companies
  • Investment Banking in India

  • Core activities of Investment Banks
  • Steps in raising capital
  • Role of Investment Banks in sales and trading
  • Role of Investment Banks in M&A

  • What is a Leveraged Buyout?
  • Role of an Investment Banker in a Leveraged Buyout

  • Skills that help collect data in Investment Banking
  • Documents and Reports

  • Overview Financial Statements
  • The Balance Sheet
  • Accounting Methods
  • Components of the Annual Report

  • Importance of Ratios and its Analysis
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Efficiency Ratios

  • Investment Banking
  • Development of Investment Banking
  • Global Size and Revenue Mix

  • What is an Investment Banker's and Banks’ Role in the Stock Market?
  • History of investment banking around the world and in India

  • Bonds and its Types
  • Bond Pricing

  • Discounted Free Cash Flow
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Measuring The Cost of Debt And Equity
  • Discounted Free Cash Flow Analysis

  • Leveraged Buyout
  • Structuring a Leveraged Buyout (Model of LBO)
  • How is it related to investment banking?

  • The Balance Sheet
  • Current and Non-current Assets and Liabilities
  • Return of Equity (ROE)
  • The DuPont analysis

  • What is equity?
  • Components of Shareholder Equity
  • Private Equity and Brand Equity
  • What is return on equity?

  • Rules of investment banking
  • Why are the rules needed?
  • Analysts rules v/s Investment Banking rules

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