Basic Program on Stock Markets + Certificate Program on Stock Markets

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Basic Info : Basic Program on Stock Markets + Certificate Program on Stock Markets
Level : Beginner + Advanced
Commitment  : 8 Days + 12 Days
Language : English
Schedule Date 24th April 2024

What will I learn?

At the end of this course you will: 

·         Understand the Initial Public Offering process 

·         Understand the interpretation of Financial Statements

·         Learn about derivatives trading and commodities markets

·         Learn to evaluate and analyze companies and their stock

·         Learn techniques to make you a smarter investor

·         Learn to Understand Financial Statements and inconsistencies in financials

·         Interpret structure of global markets in which equities trade

·         Understand the adjustments required to adjust for inconsistencies

·         Understand techniques for valuing equity securities

Curriculum - Basic Program on Stock Markets

  • Introduction of Stock Market
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • • Online Trading
  • DEMAT and Depositories

  • Clearing, Trading & Settlement
  • Insurance

  • Mutual Funds
  • Bond Markets

  • Introduction to Derivatives & Futures
  • Introduction to Option

  • Technical Analysis

  • Introduction to Commodity Market
  • Introduction to Currency Market

  • Fundamental Analysis

Curriculum - Certificate Program on Stock Market

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

  • Industry and Company Analysis

  • Exploring the key Financial Statements

  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • Chart Types, Introduction to candle sticks

  • Trends, speedline, support/resistance

  • Introduction to Derivatives, Types of Derivatives

  • Market Structure for Derivatives

  • Risk Return and Allocation

  • Personal Finance and Investment Planning

  • Introduction to Mutual Funds

    How It works

       Live Online Sessions
    Each session is interactive and informative, featuring case studies, quizzes, and projects

       Interact, Learn and Grow enables you to master the concepts, interact with expert faculty and other learners, and be a part of the community whilst growing.

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