Using Candlestick Patterns to Improve Trading Mastery

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Basic Info : Using Candlestick Patterns to Improve Trading Mastery
Level : Beginner
Commitment : 8 hours 

: English

Technical Requirement : Laptop with a minimum of 2 GB RAM and OS Windows XP or above
Scheduled Date : 11th August 2024



This 8-hour Varsity course Using Candlestick for Improve Trading is designed for beginners aiming to enhance their trading skills by mastering the art of reading stock charts and leveraging candlestick charts. This comprehensive course delves into the fundamental aspects of technical analysis and chart reading, providing insights into identifying trends, support and resistance levels, and chart patterns. Specifically, participants will gain proficiency in interpreting candlestick patterns, a crucial tool utilized by traders to identify price trends and potential trading opportunities. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills needed to proficiently read and analyze stock charts, effectively utilizing candlestick charts to improve their trading performance.

What Will I Learn

At the end of this course, you will understand:

  • Learn to use candlestick charts to identify price trends and potential trading opportunities.
  • Recognize the importance of blending candlesticks with Western charts.
  • Use charting software and tools to analyze stock charts and candlestick patterns.
Evaluate the effectiveness of their trading strategy    and make adjustments as needed.



Trading Basics

  • Trading: Day, Swing, Asset Allocation, Investing
  • Relative Strength
  • The Basic Attributes Of Candlesticks
  • Candles Types


  • Candle Sequences
  • Candles and Traditional Charts
  • Blending with western charts
  • Support/ Resistance


Patterns and Candlestick Signs

  • Intensity, Continuation Patterns
  • Reversal Types - Special names such as Marubozu, Spinning Tops, Doji, Dragon Fly, Harami, Hanging Man
  • Blending / Engulfing
  • Single-candlestick signs
  • Double-Candlestick signs


Complex Stick Patterns

  • Complex Stick Patterns
  • The basic attributes of Candlesticks
  • Advanced Candlestick Patterns:
    • Fry Pan Bottom
    • Cradle Pattern
    • Jay-Hook
    • Scoop Pattern
    • Belt Hold
    • Breakout Patterns


How It works

   Live Online Sessions
Each session is interactive and informative, featuring case studies, quizzes and projects

   Interact, Learn and Grow enables you to master the concepts, interact with expert faculty and other learners and be a part of the community whilst growing.

   Get Certified
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