Effective Swing Trading Strategies

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Basic Info : Effective Swing Trading Strategies
Level : Basic
Commitment  : 6 hours of study, 3 sessions of 2 hours each
Language : English
Schedule Date : 18th August 2024


This 6 hour Varsity course Effective Swing Trading Strategies equips students with the knowledge how trading in the financial markets without a proven profitable trading strategy will not help them make consistent profits over time. By learning Swing Trading Candlestick Patterns, Reversal Candlestick Strategy, Swing Trading Principles, Swing Trading Without Indicators, Strategy for Invalid Swings, and more from our online course, students will make consistent profits.

Students will also identify the fundamentals of price action to become acquainted with the components of a chart as well as the method of reading and comprehending chart price actions.

What will I learn?

At the end of this course you will understand:

  • Explore the wide range of topics such as financial markets and technical analysis.
  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of swing trading strategies.
  • Identify opportunities to network with industry professionals, which can be beneficial while pursuing a career as a trader/broker.
  • Generate examples of various case studies focusing on stock charts and patterns.
  • Interpret the managing aspects and regulations affecting of the financial markets.



Basics of Effective Swing Strategy

  • Price Action Basics: The basics of price actions to become familiar with the building blocks of a chart and the method of reading and understanding the chart price actions.
  • Essential Basics for Swing Trading: The essential key elements of understanding the swing trading strategy clearly and efficiently, learn the stuff like understanding the Demand & Supply zones, in-depth specification on Support & Resistance levels, Identification of Valid and Invalid Tops and Bottoms, understanding a different kind of Swing Points of the trend.

  • Candlestick Patterns to Swing Trade: Mastery coaching on the highly profitable Reversal Candlestick Patterns, the candles through which you can Catch The Reversal points of a trend to enter into the market earlier.
  • Reversal Candles Trading Strategy: Examine the formation of the selected reversal candlestick patterns, reading the market sentiment with the candles, the profitable trading method, filtering the invalid trade positions, distinguishing when a reversal candlestick pattern act as the trend continuation pattern in a price action chart.

  • Core Principles of Swing Trading: Three core principles of swing trading to master as a swing trader in order to identify and make trading decisions in a trend, either its an uptrend or downtrend in a price action chart.
  • Swing Trading Without Indicators: How to identify a trend when it just started to form, validate a trade setup with the reversal candles, placing a trade entry at the newly formed trend or ongoing trend without any indicators, only by analyzing the pure price actions on the chart.

  • Validating Swing Trade Setup: Advanced methods to find out and validate a trend  to make a trading decision with the help of proven (selected) special tools and indicators to get an extra level of confirmation to make profitable trades as a swing trader.
  • Validating Trade Entries: Proven tools, indicators and strategies to filter the valid trade setups from the invalids, and pinpointing the exact and highly potential trade sentry setup with those tools and indicators to get a maximum number of winning trades.
  • Trade Exit with Max Profit: Explore how to get out of the market with maximum profit from a trade, and maximize the number of winning trades with advanced swing trading strategy.

  • Swing Trade - Invalid Swing Points: Trade invalid or complex looking swing points to make successful trade entries. A trend generally forms with the mix of valid and invalid swing points, thus both the valid and invalid swing points requires a different trading strategy to make profitable trades.
  • Time Frame Selection: Learn what are the best time frames for the charts to look out for Swing Trade setups, in order to get the best results with Advanced Swing Trading Strategy

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