Finance for Business Leader - 2020

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In an era of increasing entrepreneurism and business risk-taking, it is imperative for entrepreneurs and business leaders to understand finance as a strategic function in business, and comprehend the strategic interpretation of financial statements and analysis, as well as understand the pros and cons of using leverage for growth and the financial implications of value creation and its measurement. At the same time, effective business leaders need to engage well with financial stakeholders and markets and provide effective board-level oversight and be able to connect the external financial environment to their own business. This discussion intends to provide a definitive approach to all the above aspects of finance for business leaders.

About Host

Mr. Rajesh Kothari is Founder and Managing Director of AlfAccurate Advisors (AAA), one of the leading Investment Advisory firms in India. A CWA and an MBA by qualification, he has a rich experience of more than 23 years in the Indian Capital Markets. He is the recipient of several awards for delivering superior and consistent risk-adjusted returns.