Persuasion Skills for Finance Professionals

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 Basic Info : Persuasion Skills for Finance Professionals
Level : Intermediate
Commitment  : 10 hours ( 6 hours of live online facilitated learning and 4 hours of self-governed pre learning , assignment work etc.) 
Language : English
Scheduled Date  : To be Announced Soon


What Will I Learn 

At the end of this curse. You will be able to:

  • Appreciate why the powers of persuasion are more critical than ever. 
  • Analyze key aspects of people you want to persuade including. 
    • Discover tactics for strengthening your credibility.
    • what makes them resistant and 
    • making persuasive appeals that win their support.


      How It works

      • Learning is a multi-step process of increasing cognitive complexity. Hence our learning pedagogy, is built around a framework to address this.
      • We begin with identifying and addressing what you think may you know but don’t and addressing this though our Self Governed Pre Learning (SGPL).
      • You probably don’t know as much as you think you do. When put to the test, most people find they can’t explain the workings of everyday things they think they understand.
      • You’re likely to discover unexpected gaps in your knowledge. In psychology, we call this cognitive barrier the illusion of explanatory depth .
      • Our Learning Framework

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