Negotiation Skills for Finance Professionals

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 Basic Info : Negotiation Skills for Finance Professionals
Level : Intermediate
Commitment  : 12 hours ( 8 hours of live online facilitated learning and 4 hours of self-governed pre learning , assignment work etc.) 
Language : English
Scheduled Date  : To be announced soon


What Will I Learn 

At the end of this curse. You will be able to:

  • Deal with negotiation dynamics and prepare for uncertainty
  • Recognize what differentiates successful negotiators from less successful negotiators
  • Have increased confidence to negotiate with new contactors, suppliers, clients, and colleagues
  • Understand the roles of emotion, dirty tricks and the fear of failure within any negotiation
  • Resolve small differences before they escalate
  • Learn to craft agile strategy and be quick on your feet in changing circumstances
  • Understand what negotiated success is
  • Observe the Principled Negotiations Model
  • Learn processes to manage challenges and non-principled behaviors when experienced from other parties
  • Secure maximum value for your organization and yourself
  • Reflect on personal behaviors and refine your approach to be more effective


  • Define what constitutes negotiated success
  • Understand the challenges and constraints facing any negotiator
  • Explore positional barter, its traits and limitations
  • Recognize the traits of successful Negotiators, and the mistakes that negotiators make

  • Identify your walkaway
  • Manage the exchange of offers
  • Close the deal

  • Appreciate how to manage the core concerns positively to avoid triggered emotional response
  • Understand the styles that people adopt when conflicting
  • Observe and manage the negative impacts of conflict situations
  • Recognize the importance of assertive communication to the process of moving beyond conflicts and towards productive working relationships

  • Observe how people seek to use power to control outcomes while negotiating
  • Learn processes for deconstructing attempts to create synthetic power advantage
  • Recognize Dirty Tricks when used in negotiation. Appreciate their usage and understand how to manage
  • Understand when (and how) to walk away from other parties in a constructive manner

  • Apply themes and issues from the course to real life scenarios
  • Negotiate effectively within groups and organizations


How It works

  • Learning is a multi-step process of increasing cognitive complexity. Hence our learning pedagogy, is built around a framework to address this.
  • We begin with identifying and addressing what you think may you know but don’t and addressing this though our Self Governed Pre Learning (SGPL).
  • You probably don’t know as much as you think you do. When put to the test, most people find they can’t explain the workings of everyday things they think they understand.
  • You’re likely to discover unexpected gaps in your knowledge. In psychology, we call this cognitive barrier the illusion of explanatory depth .
  • Our Learning Framework

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