Basic Program on Stock Markets

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Basic Info Basic Program on Stock Markets
Level Beginner
Commitment  8 days (2hrs per day)
Language English
Scheduled Date 28th June 2024


This 16-hour STP course Basic Course on Stock Market aims to provide the participants with adequate knowledge of the stock exchange. Stock trading involves buying and selling stocks frequently to time the market. The goal of stock traders is to capitalize on short-term market events to sell stocks for a profit or buy stocks at a low. The course increases the efficiency of the participants associated with the capital market and to enable them to keep pace with the changing environment. This course encompasses core subjects like technical analysis, derivatives, and Mutual Funds. It involves case studies which will help the students to understand better by providing practical know-how to analyze capital markets.

What Will I Learn

You will be able to:

  • explore the fundamentals of stock markets and how they operate.
  • demonstrate various analytical tools and techniques to assess the financial health of companies listed on the stock exchange
  • identify opportunities to network with industry professionals, which can be beneficial while pursuing a career in the financial markets
  • generate examples of various case studies focusing on stock markets
  • interpret financial statements and evaluate a company's performance
  • Introduction of Stock Market and Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Online Trading / Demat and Depositories
  • Clearing, Trading & Settlement/Insurance
  • Mutual Fund & Bond Market
  • Introduction to Derivatives, Futures & Option
  • Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Commodity & Currency Market
  • Fundamental Analysis




  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Types of Financial Markets
  • Functions of financial markets
  • Components of Security Markets
  • What is Stock Exchange
  • Equity vs. Debt
  • IPO - Initial Public Offering
  • SEBI’s role in an issue


  • Online Trading
  • Scrip codes/scrip id
  • Types of orders
  • Demat and Depositories
  • Functions of a depository
  • Advantages of a depository
  • Types of demat
  • Services of a depository
  • Objectives of depository
  • Screen Based Trading


  • Definition of Trading, Clearing and Settlement
  • Accounts to open in Stock Market
  • Trading Process
  • Types of trading
  • Rights of Investors
  • Pay-in/ Pay-out Process
  • Auction
  • Settlement Guarantee Fund (SGF)


  • Mutual Fund
  • Types of Mutual Funds
  • Equity & Debt Mutual Funds
  • Pay-Out / Retention Policy
  • Remuneration & Returns
  • Risk & Return calculations
  • ETFs @ BSE
  • Mutual Funds in Derivatives Market
  • Bond Market


  • Derivatives
  • Elements, Characteristics and Participants of Derivatives Market
  • Futures
  • Equity Futures & Option Settlement
  • Features of Futures
  • Futures Terminology
  • Options & Options Terminology


  • Dow Theory
  • Technical Analysis and Types
  • Different Types of Charts

  • Commodity & Commodity Futures
  • Diversification
  • Inflation Hedge
  • Strategies
  • Currency Market


  • Fundamental Analysis
  • GDP and Inflation
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Dividend Discount Model
  • Two Stage Growth Model
  • Equity Portfolio Management
  • Use of Time Value for Equity-Levers Stock Analysis
  • Discounted Cash flow



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