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What Is Data Analytics & Why Does It Matter?

Posted by swapnil waikar on

Data Analytics is a broad term and encompasses tools and techniques required to fiddle with large volume of data. A general misnomer is Data Analytics and Data Analysis are same. But in reality Analysis is a subset of Analytics. With this understanding we can formalize a definition of Data Analytics is as below: It is a process of obtaining valuable information from raw data using tools and techniques that gives business a clear and definitive understanding of what is going on. .. Data Analytics is a continuous process: As mentioned above, in Analytics we use lot of tools to instigate the automation process for collecting raw data....

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Key Skills Required for Data Analytics

Posted by Dilkash Shaikh on

 If you are planning to start your career in data analytics and wonder how to kickstart it, here's a look at the top five skills a recruiter prefers in a data analyst.


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Top Data Analysis Tools For Business Data Management And How To Use It

Posted by Saurabh Chaurasia on

Today, data analysis is a top priority for businesses, and choosing the right data analytic tool can turn tonnes of raw data into usable information. Although, choosing an effective data analytic tool can be a challenge. There are plenty of business analytics tools available in the market so choosing one can be overwhelming. So we recommend you some of the tools for accurate Business Data Management. 

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